Improve your field's efficiency by the acre, not by the field. 

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Agriculture today is all about efficiency. By using precision technology, you can move your operation closer to your efficiency goals by utilizing. The McGregor precision team is ready to sit down for a comprehensive conversation about how precision agriculture fits in your operation.


ag leader5Ag Leader is a complete line of precision farming hardware technologies designed to help farmers plan, plant, apply, and harvest more accurately, efficiently, and profitably.



PrecisionPlantingResized4Precision Planting Maximizes the performance of your machinery with smart products that improve planting, liquid application, and harvest operations through upgrades rather than replacement.



CropMetrics optimizes the efficiency of your watering program through platforms built to suit the grower - from simple crop water monitoring all the way to variable rate irrigation.


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Insight by McGregor increases crop yields and quality across your entire field with precision mapping generated from high resolution satellite imagery to control cropping inputs.



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