Seed Care

Seed Care

From Waterville to Western Wyoming, from Klamath Falls to Great Falls, McGregor Seed Care serves commercial seed conditioners with the most experienced team in the West. McGregor Seed care touches nearly every annual crop grown in the greater northwest; providing seed-applied insecticide, fungicide, and nutrient needs for healthy roots and maximum yields.

You have a Seed Care team that is dedicated to providing an opportunity for growth for the seed conditioners as well as the seed!

Inland Northwest: Bob Kolva (509.994.9571) & Jamie Slocum (509.592.7010)

Western Montana: Craig Reed (406.788.1056)

Oregon's Willamette Valley: Glenn Kraxberger (503.702.1676)

Southern Idaho: Mike Erickson (208.305.7458)

Did you know Zinc is widely DEFICIENT across the Inland Northwest? 

Facts about Zinc:TMC Seed Start Zinc Info

  • Vitally critical nutrient very early in the plant's life
  • Required to initiate and stimulate germination
  • Main component of plant grown hormone AUXIN
  • Non-mobile in the soil (<0.10"/year)
  • Plays a HUGE role in phosphate-use efficiency
  • Important in DROUGHT TOLERANCE
  • Required for proper legume nodulation

TMC Seed Start Zinc is a micronized nutrient formulation for use with seed treatments. Contact your McGregor Certified Crop Adviser or the Seed Care Team to learn more about why TMC Seed Start Zinc is important when selecting your seed!

The technology of how this treatment is added to the seed enhances solubility and improves availability of nutrient to the seed. The 0.5-1 micron sized nutrient allows the Zinc to be available to the seed immediately, as shown below:

Zinc plant uptake


Farmers rely on seed conditioners to provide high-quality seed that is packaged for success. Seed conditioners across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and western Wyoming look to the McGregor Seed Care team to provide the seed-applied insecticides, fungicides, and nutrients needed for healthy roots and maximum yield potential. The McGregor team leads the industry with service, expertise, research and new product introduction.  Working closely with land-grant universities, manufacturers, seed conditioners, and growers, the team is dedicated to finding innovative methods and products that are right for this greater northwest region: 

  • Seed conditioners rely on precise blends of active ingredients and our advanced blending equipment ensures that every blend that leaves our distribution facility has a guarantee of authenticity.
  • Improve seed fertility, flow-ability, and virtually eliminate seed dust-off with McGregor Treat-Safe™ TMC TREAT SAFE POSTER2

  • A research program looks to provide tools for conditioners and growers to manage the risk involved in establishing a successful crop. We are conducting trials over a wide-geographic area on a variety of crops to test fungicides, insecticides, organics, bio-stimulants, polymers, micro-nutrients, and seed enhancements. Replicated plots, on-farm strip trials, and laboratory testings ensure the products we offer have great promise and have scientifically earned a spot in our line-up of offered products.