Precision Services

Precision Services

Agriculture today is all about efficiency. Move your operation closer to your efficiency goals by utilizing precision technology. The McGregor precision team is ready to sit down for a comprehensive conversation about how precision agriculture fits in your operation.

Brian Bohnhoff, Precision Agronomist
Jason Wilson, Precision Hardware Specialist

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The geography of the Inland Northwest includes imposing hills and fertile valleys that have inherent production variability due to the amount of slope and diverse soil types. The results are fields with highly variable productivity. Use the McGregor INSIGHT program to write a prescription to control cropping inputs to maximize both yield and crop quality across the entire field. We utilize high resolution satellite imagery through an approach developed with local university research and cutting edge soil testing methods. Your local McGregor precision team provides the support that will make sure your focus is on farming instead of trying to get a prescription file to work with your hardware.

The McGregor Company is an Ag Leader® precision hardware dealer. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with all your precision ag hardware needs; whether it’s setting up your tractor with autosteer or repairing a sprayer that isn’t working correctly, the McGregor team has you covered.

A more perfect irrigation system. The McGregor Precision team offers CropMetrics™ water monitoring systems so you can maximize the efficiency of your watering program and reap the benefits of an advanced water monitoring platform. Programs are built to suit the grower and you can add on different services as they are needed. Go from simple crop water monitoring all the way to variable rate irrigation if your situation calls for it.


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