“We believe in encouraging young people to become future agricultural leaders—on the farm, in field research, in agricultural education and communication, and in the farm service world. Talented, dedicated young people are vital to the future success of the finest enterprise we know—Inland Northwest agriculture.”

Scholarship awards for 2017 have been distributed to schools across our market area and beyond! We had a strong list of candidates which made it challenging for our judges. Before I list off the students, I’d like to give a loud shout to our judges - each spent considerable time evaluating applications -- assigning points for community involvement, letters of recommendation, and scoring essays. It was a lot of work but they said it was worth it!

Now to the awards...besides the technical elements, each student was asked to write an essay on the following:

“You have just received a Lifetime Achievement Award for your contribution to the ag industry. Write your acceptance speech. Be sure to describe your contribution and its significance to agriculture.”

There were some very creative ‘acceptance speeches’...

Standing Tall for NW Agriculture Scholarship ($1,000):

  • Nick Schultheis, Colton WA>Washington State University
  • Lacey Desserault, Prosser WA>Washington State University
  • Kjersti Clawson, Genesee ID>University of Idaho
  • Jared Farley, Waitsburg WA>Western State Colorado University
  • SalliRose Manterola, Pasco>Washington State University
  • Tristan Case, Walla Walla WA>Washington State University
  • Grant Kinzer, Uniontown WA>Eastern Oregon University
  • Erik Anderson, Garfield WA>Walla Walla Community College 

Team McGregor Scholarship ($1,000)
for kids & grandkids of McGregor Co employees:

  • Tanner Druffel, Walla Walla WA>Montana State University
  • Alexis Maki, Colfax WA>Eastern Oregon University
  • Kendyl Druffel, Colton WA>Oregon State University
  • Cameron Schell, Farmington WA>Walla Walla Community College

Information for our 2018 program will be posted after the first of the year, so stay tuned!