2015 Scholarship Winners

2015 Scholarship Winners

The McGregor Company has found a wellspring of strength and intelligence in the pool of applicants in the Standing Tall for American Agriculture Scholarship Program.  This program focuses support of agriculture at a most important level – students. Nine local high school seniors each received a $1,000 Standing Tall for American Agriculture Scholarship, to go towards their college tuition. Sarah Mosman of Craigmont Idaho, Makenzi Hughes of Heppner Oregon, Matthew Warren of Dayton Washington, Mitchell Jamison of Garfield Washington, Cade Wallace of Quincy Washington, Brent Rosman of Creston Washington, Jessie Van Buren of Lewiston Idaho, Dakota Olberding of Connell Washington, and Mary Myers of Genesee Idaho,all showed great interest in the ag industry as evident in their applications and essays. The following is a short report on their future endeavors.

These students had been selected as recipients of a “Standing Tall for American Agriculture” scholarship offered by The McGregor Company. Sarah Mosman, Mitchell Jamison will be heading to the University of Idaho to pursue Agribusiness, Mary Myers will also attend to study Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership.  Jessie Van Buren will also study at the University of Idaho majoring in Animal Science. Makenzi Hughes will be attending Oregon State University to study Agriculture Education.  Matthew Warren will be studying for a career in Agricultural Commodities at University of South Carolina.  Brent Rosman will be studying Range Management at Century College.  Dakota Olberding and Cade Wallace will be attending Washington State University.  Dakota will be studying Agricultural Economics and Cade will be pursuing a major in Agricultural Technology & Systems Management.

Each student will receive $1,000 towards his or her tuition. “There are fine futures ahead for all of us as these young, intelligent people consider careers in agriculture,” reports company president Alex McGregor.

Any recognition you could give to these individuals would be very much appreciated!