Are Your Crops Getting the Right Amount of Water?

Are Your Crops Getting the Right Amount of Water?

Hydrodynamics is not often a theme that middle school kids tackle...unless you are part of Robogators Team Blue from Everett WA!!  

This team of middle school kids asked some tough questions about how farmers decide to irrigate their crops. Could they come up with a solution to more accurately evaluate the crop's need for water? Ultimately reducing the quantity of freshwater used on crops?  

No surprise here...they DID come up with a solution! After working with a number of agencies, farmers, and businesses, Robogators Team Blue devised an automated drone system that utilizes a moisture probe to collect valuable data. Check out this video of the kids presenting their project (Grand Champion Regional winners!):  

Next up they will be presenting at Amazon on January 20th for the State Semi-Finals. We wish them all the luck and look forward to their success!

A big thank you to our Precision Services team who provided tips, pointers, and advice for this intensive project.  This note from the kids says it all:

"We received your responses from our previous letter to Lindsey Williams back on November 20th, and just wanted to send a big thank you for your responses and your awesome feedback. As a team we really appreciate everything you had to say and the advice that you gave to us. All of the tips and pointers that you included in your emails we used to help us improve on our project presentation.

We are so excited to tell you that we won Grand Champion at Regionals in December. On January 20th we are presenting at Amazon for Semi-Finals and after that is State finals in February. Again we thank you for all of your feedback and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you
Robogators Blue Team
Jakob, Conner, Zachary, Emily, Luis, Maria, Shan, Carter and Naomi"


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