Dear Congress: Trade is Important to Agriculture

Dear Congress: Trade is Important to Agriculture

Please pitch in and help Congress and the Administration understand how important trade is to all of us in agriculture!

In tough times, with our withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatening serious harm to trade with Japan and other promising markets across the Pacific, with the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada on the ropes, and with newly announced tariffs making retaliation against agriculture likely, we must all pull together to tell our story.

Eight hundred and forty wheat, legume, potato, alfalfa and other growers signed on to this letter during our agronomy meetings last month. All of us can help by contacting our Senators, Representatives and the Administration, reminding them that we were promised trade negotiations would Do No Harm to agriculture. Serious harm is being done as trade relationships built over half a century begin to crumble. All of this when prices of nearly every farm commodity are seriously depressed.

Let’s pitch in, each of us, and urge action!

Read the letter sent on March 2nd that included 840 signatures! 

You can reach out directly to your Representative using the following contact info:

All the best to you,

Alex McGregor