McGregor Deep Furrow Drill Debut!

On August 15th the McGregor Deep Furrow Drill headed out the shop door to a much anticipated field test in Lind. It’s McGregor Orange™ coating could be seen for miles...for the first 50 feet in the ground, that is.  The goal was to engineer a drill that could seed into higher surface residue which would reduce wind erosion and improve overwintering moisture infiltration, do a better job of maintaining furrows and improve stand establishment in marginal conditions.

Seeing great success at that first trial run, the drill has continued to be pulled by customers and we’ve seeded over 1,000 acres.  Paul Buchholtz, McGregor Design Engineer, and his team have seeded at nine locations with different soil types and varying degrees of residue. 

In these field tests they have seeded conventional summer fallow as well as chem-fallow.

The drill participated in a WSU Research Trial at the Lind Field Station seeding into high residue summer fallow.  As anticipated, the drill performed very well.

So far, there has been good moisture for seeding. The seeding depth has ranged from 3 to 5 inches and the drill’s success has piqued the interest of growers for seeding into chem-fallow.

While we’ve had some challenges in different conditions, overall the drill is working very well and we are seeing significant interest from growers to purchase a drill in the future. For more information about the McGregor Deep Furrow Drill, contact the Research & Technology Division.