New Technology for the Seed Treatment Industry

New Technology for the Seed Treatment Industry

The McGregor Company partners with HydroGro to introduce new technology into the PNW seed care arena.  Soils in the PNW are extremely deficient in Zinc so supplementing growing crops with Zinc applications have always paid dividends for growers.  

The problem with supplemental applications in the past is the timing of the Zinc application.  Zinc, along with several other micronutrients, are highly important during the seed germination process bringing increased plant vigor and more robust root and shoot growth.  Past applications have either been applied as a foliar feed or as an in-the-furrow application with a starter fertilizer.  While these types of applications helped deliver Zinc to a developing plant they did little to help the plant at germination.

HydroGro developed Zinc seed treat utilizing nano-technology through bead milling to solve the problem by putting the Zinc on the seed at a significant rate, allowing the plant to utilize it during germination without the grower having to add equipment or monitor another product during planting season.  The Zinc molecules that are applied to the seed are less than a micron so emerging roots and shoots can immediately absorb the nutrients as they emerge from the seed.




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