Summer Research Tours--Completed!

Summer Research Tours--Completed!

Thank you for attending The McGregor Company research tours! We appreciate the interest and the questions about our work. Our aim is to serve our customers across the Inland Northwest and be valuable farm partners in profitable and sustainable operations.

What gorgeous weather for tour season this year! Mother Nature did not disappoint. Not only was the weather cooperative, but treatments around the farm showed well most of the month.

The work we do is really unmatched around the Inland Northwest. A unique combination of cutting edge science, ground-truthed in practicality aimed at making an impact on YOUR acre. Thank you for being a progressive force and engaging in continuously moving that peg forward. In an effort to keep moving our own peg forward, please provide us quick some feedback on the recent tours -- feedback received by July 15, 2017 from confirmed tour attendees will have a chance to win a Cabela's gift card!!  TMC 2017 Tour Feedback

Have a safe and profitable harvest season and STAY in TOUCH! 

P.S. We will soon be announcing the winners of the tour prizes: Ag Leader Compass Displays, Apple iPads, and a PitBoss Grill!



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