The McGregor Company brings HydroGro into their family-owned ag retail business. HydroGro, based in Arizona, manufactures water based, micronutrient solutions for the agricultural and turf markets. HydroGro has pioneered micronization technology in seed applied nutritionals and holds several patents in that area.

October 27, 2020, COLFAX WA

HydroGro has been a strong partner of The McGregor Company in developing and manufacturing their line of “TMC SeedStart” products that deliver micronized, highly concentrated, and readily available seed applied nutrition.

“This partnership has allowed us to bring a unique product to the market and really build the seed applied nutrition space from nothing to now an instrumental way that growers in our region apply micronutrients. We are thrilled to bring HydroGro into the McGregor family and are excited about expanding its reach and product line as it develops winning partnerships with ag and turf retailers.” says Ian McGregor, President of The McGregor Company.

The HydroGro team will continue operations in Arizona under the HydroGro name, having established themselves as a trusted and reliable leader in the ag and turf industries, providing specialty solutions and products. Their technologically advanced methods produce micronutrient solutions that improve plant quality, water use, and resource consumption – becoming an integral part of sustainability programs being adopted across the nation.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the McGregor Company as they share our vision, plans for the future and commitment to doing right by employees, customers and partners.” says Tony Skrbek, President of HydroGro.

This acquisition puts The McGregor Company in a growth position in the micronutrient space and provides an opportunity to partner with top quality retailers in the turf and golf course markets.

The McGregor Company is one of the largest independent fertilizer, agri-chemical and ag equipment dealers in the Pacific Northwest with retail offices in more than 35 communities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The McGregor Company provides seed care products across the west and reaches retailers throughout the United States through the AgWorks technology business. 

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