Improve your field's efficiency by the acre, not by the field. 

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Agriculture today is all about efficiency. By using precision technology, you can move your operation closer to your efficiency goals by utilizing. The McGregor precision team is ready to sit down for a comprehensive conversation about how precision agriculture fits in your operation. 



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Ag Leader products and solutions help integrate your entire farm year-round. With a solution for every season, Ag Leader products seamlessly connect your equipment and tasks so that your operation runs more efficiently than ever before.


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Generating yield maps is easier and more affordable with FarmTRX. Our retrofit yield monitor can be user-installed quickly on any combine. Plus, the FarmTRX Mobile App displays live harvest data & uploads automatically to our web-platform where high quality yield maps are automatically generated.


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Built in the USA, the AgCam Camera is the most rugged and durable agricultural backup camera. The AgCam Camera is 100% waterproof and dustproof with a triple hardened glass lens, anodized aluminum body, and triple o-ring seal. The versatility and durability of the AgCam Camera can’t be beat.


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Insight improves your farming eciencies by combining comprehensive precision mapping with holistic crop data to identify soil nutrient needs. Build informed crop input plans to maximize yield potential with Insight by The McGregor Company.



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