Lock it UP with LockdowN

Lock it UP with LockdowN


LockdowN is a below-ground nitrification inhibitor specially formulated for anhydrous ammonia, UAN, Aqua, and liquid urea applications to maximize Grains per Head.


 Over 50% of applied nitrogen may be OUT OF REACH before peak plant demands.


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By slowing the nitrification process and keeping nitrogen in the plant’s root zone, LockdowN helps preserve the maximum amount of nitrogen available to the crop WHERE and WHEN it is needed most – optimizing yield potential.


3x longer protection of nitrogen in the ammonium state

up to 25% greater nutrient-use efficiency

100% Non-corrosive to the metals used in anhydrous ammonia and UAN equipment



The key to effective Nitrogen management is aligning peak demands with peak availability.

Slowing the conversion of ammonia to nitrate allows fall-applied nitrogen to more closely match the nitrogen use curve and better align crop demands with crop access. Without nitrogen stabilizing products, fall-applied nitrogen tends to leach below the root zone before peak demands during stem elongation - when wheat has the highest nitrogen demands at 4-5 pounds per day and Grains per Head are determined.


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Video: Nitrogen Stabilizers to Control Nitrosomonas Bacteria
2020 Virtual Field Tour segment evaluating the use of nitrogen stabilizers in wheat to keep nutrients in the root zone for maximum crop utilization and minimum negative environmental effect from leaching and runoff.





The use of nitrogen stabilizing products is the closest thing we have to slow-release nitrogen in our environment.



Spring top-dressed nitrogen promotes unproductive and excessive late season tillering rather than focusing the plant’s energy stores on grain production.


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