Failure to Communicate

Failure to Communicate

If you’ve worked in ag very long you’ve had one…a failure to communicate. When I started at The McGregor Company one of my first jobs was running a custom sprayer. One time, I had a grower give me directions to a field that went something like “Turn left off the main road and go till you hit the blue gate”...

 ...the problem was they took the blue gate down in 1970. Needless to say, I didn’t find the field. 

Communication takes effort and it’s becoming more and more crucial as agriculture gets more complicated. It seems like every year we see some costly mistakes made because the wrong chemistry gets put on the wrong field.

That’s why I want to urge you to sit down with your Account Manager and plan out your farms, fields, and crops so that everyone is informed and able to operate at peak efficiency. When it comes to precision agriculture a strong field structure is the cornerstone of a good program because it allows auto sorting of all the field data like application and yield data making sure that it’s accessible and organized so it can be utilized when it’s needed. Newer technologies like satellite imagery and UAV imaging require a field border to get a proper boundary for the imagery.

Utilizing our record keeping software our Account Managers can record not only your field names but the crops associated with them and the georeferenced field borders. So, before you hit the field this spring sit down with your McGregor account manager and make sure to tell them that you took the blue gate down.

Have a safe and profitable spring!






  • Rick Wride 12/10/2017 9:46am (7 years ago)

    FYI - I used to work for Cascade Air Tractor at Grinell Airport near Garfield, WA back in the early 1970's. Doran Rogers Cascade owner would take the farmers up in his Beach Bonanza Airplane and fly over to the fields the farmer wants to treat with fly-on-fertilizer or herbicide spray. It is great to see McGregor Fertilizer Corp. doing this similar approach to accurate field communications with farmers using superior technologies.

    Doran Rogers had the right approach back in the 1970's and 1980's using the technology he had at his disposal at the time, his Beach Craft Bonanza was also fun to ride in and I was sitting in the back seat drawing an outline of the field which we were writing up a work plan. We called that a Field Service Site Mission. We used a large clip board with a worksheet specially for that purpose.

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