Nitrogen Stabilization Effectiveness

Nitrogen Stabilization Effectiveness

Stabilized nitrogen is one of the most effective tools to impact the yield building components of wheat - heads per acre, grains per head, and weight per grain.

Nitrification inhibitors show value in dryland winter wheat production

COLFAX, Wa. – Nitrogen is arguably one of the most yield limiting factors in crop production across the nation... “The trick is in keeping that huge
nitrogen investment not only where you need it, but also available when you
need it,” says Cat Salois, Director of Research and Technology for The McGregor
Company, “it is crucial that nitrogen availability is well timed to that crop’s
demand curves for optimal nitrogen use efficiency.”

Read the full article (as featured in The Capital Press): "Nitrification Inhibitors Show Value in Dryland Winter Wheat Production"


Cat Salois, Director of Research & Technology, discusses the importance of nitrogen stabilization impacts to increasing yields.  

ProLong N Stabilizer

A nitrogen stabilizer for use with 32% UAN or 20% Liquid Urea; contains 2 MOA's in one product; promotes more available nitrogen for your crops, and more bushels in the bin.

N-Serve N Stabilizer

A nitrogen stabilizer for use with anhydrous ammonia NH3; maximizes nitrogen availability in the root zone by inhibiting nitrification.


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