Spring? Where are you?

Spring? Where are you?

As I’ve indicated previously, this is one of my favorite times of the year...

...high school basketball is nearing an end with the various qualifying tournaments to qualify for the state tournaments. College basketball season is winding down with conference tournaments just around the corner. Signs of spring are also near, although the signs were much stronger last month when temperatures were 50 degrees than today with a blanket of snow and more forecast again this week. Don’t get me wrong, we need the snowpack and the moisture it provides, but the snow shovel and operator are both wore out!

Questions for your banker – As operating loans are underway, here’s suggested dialogue for your next meeting with your banker.

Bankruptcies – The razor thin margins and continuing years of commodity prices at or below cost of production is beginning to take a toll…read more here...

Crime – Such activities may initially appear to be ‘profitable’ for those involved; we raised our girls with the premise that all things go full circle…here's proof that we were right


New Mexico – Legislators of this state are considering a ban on coyote hunting.

Plight of Western US cities – The plight of our western cities is real, can this be abated?

Taxation in New Jersey – What’s the next revenue target? Something all residents have zero control over…NJ Rain Tax

Weather – Short-term wintry weather continues for our region…

NW winter temp probability 18 Feb 19 precip probability 18 Feb 19

WOTUS – the 60 day public comment period is now underway…

Until next time…

“If I am ever through learning, I am through.” ~John Wooden

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