This March Is Madness

This March Is Madness

So, I did a little research on terminology 'March Madness' and where it originated, as the 'Big Dance' seems to be out of favor...

Hello everyone and Happy St. Pats' Day!
So, I did a little research on terminology 'March Madness' and where it originated, as the 'Big Dance' seems to be out of favor. An official with the Illinois High School Association, Henry V. Porter, wrote an article called "March Madness" for the organization back in 1939. Brent Musberger is credited for bringing it mainstream after using it during his NCAA tournament coverage in 1982 with CBS. Surprise, a court battle ensued on the use of the term...the matter was settled with both sides agreeing IHSA had rights at the high school level, NCAA has licensed the phrase for its season-ending basketball tournament. The NCAA also had a little scrum with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association in 1988: KHSAA had trademarked the phrase "Sweet 16". Cooler heads prevailed and a similar deal was struck between KHSAA and the NCAA. And now you know, the rest of the story...I loved listening to Paul Harvey.

AD-1026 - A reminder that any and all new entity changes for the 2018 crop year must complete the 'Sodbuster - Swampbuster' form at FSA prior to the 6/1 deadline. If you are planning to, or have made changes, please contact us to discuss the possible implications. As a reminder, if the entity is found to be out of compliance, ZERO crop insurance subsidies. This form can be completed at any FSA county office, generally your home county is most familiar and best.

2018 Budget - President Trump has released his proposed budget for 2018 fiscal year. Crop insurance was not specifically targeted for any cuts, however a 21% decrease in USDA spending relative to 2017 annualized spending level does exist. Keep in mind this is merely a proposal and Congress will still have a major role in the finalized budget framework.

Drought - An update on the moisture conditions for the southern plains.

FAPRI - Here's the latest farm income estimates from Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri.

Fertilizer - Prices continue to creep upward, albeit less than earlier this winter.

GMO crops deemed safe - A recent study (388 pages) by the Academy of Sciences has found there is no human health effect from the consumption of GMO crops.

India - A quick, interesting read on the potential future needs of a country with nearly 20% of the world's population.

Livestock assistance - Producers who purchased additional feed or had winter grazing losses, may be eligible for Emergency Assistance for Livestock (ELAP) through your local FSA office. Additional assistance may also be available for producers that suffered death losses in excess of normal mortality due to the adverse weather through the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP). Please contact your local FSA office for details and further information.

Wildfires - The devastation of the recent fires in CO, KS, OK and TX is simply heartbreaking, forever changing the lives of many families.

YOUR ATTENTION & ACTION REQUIRED - In closing, know that the delivery of our periodic updates will be changing - updates will no longer be be emailed to you. Rather, future updates will be posted on the newly, updated McGregor Company website. In order to receive future updates, please complete the "Keep Up To Date With McGregor" form you see here on this page! True confessions - I'm the last guy picked to be part of the geek squad...rumor has it this new technology works fabulously.

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