Peak Nitrogen Demands are NOW

Peak Nitrogen Demands are NOW

Nitrogen access at stem elongation drives Grains per Head.

Fall-applied nitrogen often runs short during the peak demand timing.  From the start of stem elongation to the emergence of the flag leaf, wheat require 3-5 pounds of nitrogen PER DAY to maximize grains per head production. Remember, 3 components determine yield: Heads per Acre (foundation), Grains per Head (build), and Weight per Grain (produce).

Grains per Head


Foliar nitrogen applications at herbicide timing feed the plant from the top down to provide optimal nutrient absorption directly through the leaves. This gives the plant fast and easy access to nitrogen in order to upregulate photosynthesis and maximize the plant's nitrogen use efficiency to drive grains per head production. 

Rally (exclusively by The McGregor Company) is a liquid urea-based foliar nitrogen source that provides 8-10% more nitrogen uptake than traditional UAN applications - optimizing both your nitrogen use efficiency as well as your tank space.


Take advantage of the opportunity to feed the crop what it needs, when it needs it by foliar feeding nitrogen at herbicide timing.


Watch the videos below to see how to maximize your crop's nitrogen use efficiency and drive Grains per Head.  

Nitrogen demands in wheat from The McGregor Company on Vimeo.


Staging wheat to get it right from The McGregor Company on Vimeo.