Yield Components - What Are They?

Yield Components - What Are They?

3 components determine yield:  Heads per Acre, Grains per Head, and Weight per Grain.

Each of these yield components has a period during which they are most sensitive to stresses and responsive to management inputs.  Crop management throughout the growing season (not just in the first half) is essential to meeting the tremendous yield potential for our region. Remember: feed the crop what it needs, when it needs it!


Heads per Acre


Plant a solid foundation.  From planting to stem elongation, access to phosphorus and zinc is critical in driving heads per acre production.  In fact, early season crop demands during the first 30-45 days require 1 lb of phosphorus per day.


If you are planting early, or planting into cool soils like much of the PNW is experiencing right now, phosphorus is 5x less available for plant uptake than in warmer climates. This is because phosphorus tends to disassociate and tie up in the soil quickly becoming unavailable for plant uptake.  We need microbial action to release it for uptake again.


To combat this, M-Struct is a product that slows the disassociation process in the soil and keeps phosphorus available longer. This protects your fertilizer investment and allows developing plant roots to reach critical soil nutrients (AND WATER!) to maximize heads per acre.


KickStarter (which includes the power of M-Struct) provides phosphorus plus nitrogen, sulfur, and zinc nutrients critical for early season development. Seed-placed, highly available nutrients early leads to more uniform stands, strong root health, and ultimately increased yield.


Watch the videos below to see the dramatic visual impact of Kickstarter.

Manage yield components NOW for higher yields later from The McGregor Company on Vimeo.


Planting early in the cooler soils of the North Basin

P and Zn demands are hard to hit in the PNW from The McGregor Company on Vimeo.



Planting Early this Spring?? from The McGregor Company on Vimeo.