3D Printed, Reusable Face Shields

3D Printed, Reusable Face Shields

Last April, Chris Hille of The McGregor Company, had an incredible idea...use 3D printers to make face shields for first responders facing the uncertainty of a pandemic.  To date, 656 face shields (or assemble components) have been distributed to Pomeroy, Dayton, Othello, Lincoln County, Bonners Ferry ID, Ritzville, Quincy, and many places within Whitman County.  This was truly a combined effort.

Read the full article published in the Whitman County Gazette.

"On behalf of The McGregor Company and all of the first responders, hospitals, medical clinics, assisted living facilities, volunteer fire and ambulance crews, and some local businesses... THANK YOU very much for the use of these quality printers. It was a humbling experience to be part of all this and it could not have been done in the volume needed without the school and library printers.” Chris Hille, Engineer at The McGregor Company


One size fits all
The protective film is left on the shields to minimize scratches during delivery
Headstrap included but can also easily be made at your facility:

  • Some medical clinics are using elastic tourniquet material; stretch tape work as well

Headband - for comfort, add an optional foam or fabric material where the headband touches the user’s forehead:

  • Foam weather stripping is one option
  • Some medical clinics are attaching a Velcro strip and then attaching to that a material called Softstrap; the Softstrap can be removed and cleaned

See attached Spec Sheet for features and certification

Donated by: The McGregor Company

Printing & assembly: Chris Hille, Engineer at The McGregor Company

3D printers supplied by: The McGregor Company, Whitman County Library, and Colfax School District