The Cat That Came Back

The Cat That Came Back

"Wheat All About It!" podcast #32 features Cat Salois, Director of Research & Technology at The McGregor Company

The Washington Grain Commission (WGC) has introduced a new way to reach wheat farmers, landlords, researchers, associated businesses and anyone else with an interest in the Pacific Northwest wheat industry. Wheat All About It! is a weekly podcast started in January 2017. Hosted by Scott Yates, the WGC’s director of communications and producer relations (and a former reporter for Capital Press), Wheat All About It! is intended for those who want to make the most of their time by multitasking while driving a combine, tractor, truck, tug, locomotive—or perhaps an easy chair.

The beginning of August, Yates headed to The McGregor Company’s headquarters outside Colfax for a conversation with Cat Salois, the firm’s director of research and technology in an episode entitled, “The Cat That Came Back”. Salois talks about her background in the Pacific Northwest, her experience as a soybean breeder for DuPont Pioneer in the Midwest, her emphasis on ROI and the new wheat release, M-Press, the first time McGregor’s has licensed a variety from another company to sell under its own name.

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