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Only SeedStart™ with unique MicroFuze™ Technology checks all the boxes.
Seed-applied zinc nutrition at the site of emergence is true love.





  • Accessible immediately at germination, SeedStart feeds the seed what it needs when it needs it.

  • Proven 4 bu/ac yield gain and the most cost-effective option to address early season zinc demands and deficiencies.

  • Loaded with 4-5X more zinc than EDTA products.




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Inadequate zinc constricting PNW wheat crops

Jul 22, 2021
COLFAX, Wash. — Widespread zinc deficiency in Pacific Northwest soils is driving perpetually zinc-deficient seed stock in the region. As a result, many crops produced and grown in the PNW are suffering from loss of speed and vigor at emergence — and, in turn, farmers are losing a surprising 3.5-4 bushels per acre every year.

While most now recognize that zinc is widely deficient in the soil profile, the larger issue still remains. “If the soil is deficient, then the resulting seed stock being produced is going to be deficient as well,” explains Logan Redden, Seed Care Account Manager with The McGregor Company. “Without seed-applied micronutrients, no matter where we plant it back, the seed is going to be deficient.” ...(click below to continue reading)

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